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Having survived childhood and deadly  adventures in “Annie’s World: Jake’s Legacy”, Annie Henderson has blossomed into a teenaged warrior and savior genetically superior to most humans. “In Annie’s World 2: New Beginnings”, she cannot allow cannibals in Old Dallas to go
unchecked, nor can she let a child trafficking operation go unchallenged. Anyone of the dangers she encounters might  get her killed.

Annie and her newfound friends face the most dangerous quest of her young life.






Sage Words Publishing

Currently available at Amazon.com for $12.95

Available from Kindle for $3.95

Available from Barnes and Noble for $12.95

Available from Nook for $3.95

"The Last Radiant Heart" is a paranormal tale with a touch of mystery. Newspaper reporter Jack Dane, finds he is having visions that take him to the past, present and future. Time and space have no hold on Jack any longer and he can travel time to find answers to a mystery that has been haunting him.

Jack Dane is a reporter for an average newspaper. Lives in an average apartment and has a junker car he dearly loves. He also has the ability to transport himself anywhere in the past present or future. Only problem is he just found out and he doesn't like it one bit. It seems he has a Radiant Heart. A heart that can reach out to family at any place or time in history or the future. Jack's brother is in danger and Jack can see what will happen to him in the future unless he does something about it. Problem is God's master plan will not let any Radiant Hearts do anything to change the future or past. Jack finds there are other Radiant Hearts like him, but he is the last of his kind. In trying to save his brother, he finds out about himself and their family's past. 

4.0 out of 5 starsS hould be a movie
By gabrielle on April 9, 2014

This is an amazing and touching story for anyone that has had a challenge with a family member that died. It is also amazing how the supernatural and the spiritual were woven together in a mystery. Wonderful and should really make a wonderful movie that would be a box office hit!