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Dexter Wansel is an accomplished musician, song writer and producer. Now he has added writer to his credits. Dexter has penned a paranormal mystery, "Shortwave" that is simply first rate.    

 Adrian Perez is a Cuban Diplomat who through nefarious activities has amassed a huge fortune but who has also caused the deaths of many people in an effort to cover up his crimes. His gang of thugs ruthlessly terminates anyone who gets in the way. But while pursuing an all out quest to silence his very own wife and children, he and the others are met with strange resistance from an unlikely source. This source, a group of four psychically gifted people, come from widely divergent backgrounds. The group members include, Todd Morrison, a 38 year old detective of Scottish descent from Washington D.C, Jim Green, a thirty five year old FBI agent from Maryland of Native American descent, Jamal Walker, a thirty six year old crack addict and thief of Africa American descent, also from the D.C area, and finally, Adrian Perez’s own eleven-year-old daughter, Jennifer Perez. At first, each one of the four must separately endure horrific encounters that test them to the limit. For without really knowing it, or each other, it will be these initial encounters that will bring them finally together for a terrifying confrontation against one of the most powerful and evil men the world has ever seen. This frightening persona in the guise of a human is called Hans. So who will prevail in an all out battle of good versus evil for the ultimate prize, the salvation of the human race?





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