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Brief excerpt:

Silverjack McDonald left Justiceburg, Texas to ride the wild trails one last time before settling down. It took him five years to find his way back home. When he finally rides back into Justiceburg, he discovers that the best brothel in the Texas panhandle has been torched. Some of the working girls were killed in the fire, but others were kidnapped by the unknown assailants' including Jack's only love.


ROUGH JUSTICE is a Western in the tradition of pulp writers such as A. Leslie Scott, Tom Curry, and J. Edward Leithead. It also has some violence reminiscent of the Picadilly Cowboy school of Western writers from the United Kingdom.

This is a story full of action and adventure, with an especially likeable heroine in the young Comanche woman Hawk Wing. The Texas Rangers also are a major part of the story, so the book should be a must addition to any Texas Ranger fiction fan's collection.

ROUGH JUSTICE has enough riding, shooting, and fighting to satisfy anyone who loves a good-old fashioned Western shoot-'em-up. My only would be there are a couple of scenes which might be a bit rough for those with slightly squeamish stomachs. Other than that, this is a highly recommended read.







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