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I am Buck Jones. A retired Lt. Commander Navy Seal, Mercenary and Ice Cream salesman.

Ice Cream you may ask? After traveling the world looking for people to kill and maim, for a living: a few stints as a mercenary in any God’s hell hole that was willing to pay me, I came home to Texas. I wanted something so far from war, and kill or be killed.

So I became The Ice Cream man and the smiling kids’ faces said it all to me. Jump all in, or not at all.. So how hard could it be to sell Ice Cream.? The profits were astronomical. Stellar you might say.



Sage Words Publishing

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​Middle-East terrorists have brought their battle to America. Our homeland is the new battlefield. The way we are fighting them isn’t working. We need to find new, better ways to put an end to their terroristic threat. The 9-11 attack was our wake-up call. They are here and so are the Guardians of America Team-1(G.O.A.T.-1). Is Homeland Security’s new concept anti-terrorist unit the answer? 

A new unit is created to think like a terrorist, then take action to foil what they come up with. Their first field assignment was watched by all the Government agencies to see if this new concept would work.

Man, did it work…

Currently available from Amazon for $10.95 

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Major Jack Waco was the best pilot in the SENTI Command. A self-proclaimed loner, he thought he didn't need anything or anyone until he met Major Maggie Wilson, who challenged those preconceptions. Maggie's resemblance to an important person from Jack's past revived memories and feelings within him, sending his head and his heart into turmoil. With a government conspiracy on-hand and large-scale interstellar piracy threatening the very stability of the galaxy, will Jack be able to cope with these newly awakened feelings in time to succeed in bringing the guilty to justice or would he be betrayed by them - far out in a newly-discovered planetary system on the other side of the galaxy?

5.0 out of 5 stars Read this one!
By ghostposts on July 12, 2014
strong writing skills, with sympathetic characters, tense action, good plotting and innovative, imaginative story. I loved it.