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"Graves' Disease, In Our Own Words" takes the reader on a unique journey through the disease's many complexities. Personal accounts offer insights into both the physical and emotional sides of Graves'. Both the experts and other Graves' patients try to validate these feelings with articles on diagnosis, treatment, and healthful living with Graves' disease (hyperactive thyroid). Over eighteen top Endocrinologists, pharmacists and other experts on Graves' disease, make the information in this book, accurate and up to date with the latest information on Graves' disease and its treatments. Over seven years of research on common questions asked, and answers provided by the National Graves' Disease Foundation's board of medical advisors, trained facilitators, as well as answers from the top Endocrinologists, at the major medical and teaching hospitals, ensures what is provided is medically accurate, and is often done in a layperson's terms so it is understandable by those with no or little medical understanding. The authors contacted the medical professionals for a full edit when they wrote the chapters to ensure that the information was correct and current and what was on the cutting edge for treatment of Graves' disease. A full bibliography and recommended reading list is provided to help newly diagnosed find accurate information on Graves' disease. Unfortunately recent studies show that a full 80% of medical related web sites provide wrong or inaccurate information. "Graves' Disease In Our Own Words", takes the worry out of finding reputable, and medically reliable information. At the last American Thyroid Association meeting, they provided a lecture on information and misinformation on thyroid disease. The lecture was titled "The Good The Bad And The Ugly" The National Graves' Disease Foundation was listed as one of the best sources of information for Graves' disease. The National Graves' Disease Foundation, and their medical board of advisors fully endorse this book.





5.0 out of 5 stars It's fairly obvious
By A Customer on February 20, 2003

That the folks who felt this book was... "inadequate" in addressing all of the issues, opinions, folk-remedies and whatnot regarding Graves' disease share the opinions of the "other" thyroid disease message board. So rather than use this review page as an Us vs. Them battle, I suggest that our fellow reviewers stick to the facts... and perhaps do a little research themselves.
For one: "Spontaneous Remission", a phrase long uttered by fans of Elaine Moore and Mary Shomon, is NOT the expected end result of either treated or untreated Graves' disease. Any Graves' disease patient who expects that their condition will suddenly cure itself or run its course, either through the use of ATMs, bogus herbal remedies or beta blockers, is taking a dangerous health gamble. While some patients do go into "remission" (meaning their Graves' antibodies settle down for a bit, but will likely flare up at a later date) through the use of ATMs, the long-term effects of improperly treated GD are marked: coronary involvement, osteoporosis, significant muscle wasting and possible thyroid storm or death. Any person who suggests that GD patients should try herbal remedies and vitamins alone to control this INCURABLE autoimmune disorder is flying in the face of established medical fact and may be placing other patients in serious medical harm.
So while I applaud any GD patient who has managed to send their disease into "remission" using one or more of the above methods, unfortunately most of the rest of us aren't in any position to gamble with our already failing health. When my blood pressure spiked to 210/115 and my resting heart rate was at 150 bpm on 50mgs of Atenolol b.i.d., waiting for "remission" was a luxury I just didn't have.

5.0 out of 5 stars Very helpful and informative!
By A Customer on March 13, 2003

I have Graves disease. Having said that, I decided to read absolutely everything I could find that has been written about this disease. The other books I read presented the technical and medical information very well. This book presented not only that technical information in a very understandable way, but it also presented information regarding the impact (other than on the body) that this disease can have. This extra information is what sets this book apart. When I told my endocrinologist that someone should write a book solely about Graves disease, he said, "why? It is a very straightforward disease." Wrong! This disease is not straightforward at all! (I am going to send my copy of this book to him!) This book is very very helpful! Thank you!

4.0 out of 5 stars Easy to read, while very informative
By A Customer on February 3, 2003

Having researched a number of the available titles about Graves' Disease, it was refreshing to find one which is not too technical, nor too "dumbed down". This well researched, yet easy to read book provides help and hope! I recommend it as a first choice to my recently diagnosed patients seeking information about their disease.

5.0 out of 5 stars I am glad this is available
By A Customer on November 14, 2002

Books usually focus on the technical aspects of Graves' Disease. This one shares the experiences of many different people with Graves'. It seems to give many individual experiences, doesn't give advice, but helps each of us get an idea of what we might be facing. I had the pleasure of meeting both authors. I hope there will be a follow-up book.

4.0 out of 5 stars Saved me mountains of worry!!
By Cheryl Morgan on October 29, 2003

After being diagnosed with GD my doctor wanted to immediately perform RAI although I didn't have an enlarged gland. I knew nothing about the disease and was scared. My intuition told me there may be another way. This book taught me all I needed to know and gave me the insight and courage to persuade my doctor to let me try PTU first. In Our Own Words confirmed from the start that aggressive treatment wasn't always necessary. I took PTU for only 3 months and responded so well I am now in remission. However, I learned from the book the serious nature of GD and how to work closely with the doctor and lab results. IT's an on going journey. This book served as an important first navagational tool. An update on my condition 6/25/04: I had a recurrance of all hyper symptoms after only one month remmission. I opted to try PTU again, still with good results in bringing down my T4 but I'm constatantly juggling the dose. I still sense this is the way to go for me, but I get discouraged. I will look at some of the other suggested books on the subject.

3.0 out of 5 stars another kind of bias
By A Customer on November 11, 2003

Jake did a fairly lousy job in this book which contains many of wrong information. He went into the other extreme of bias from that of Elaine Moore in her book Graves Disease: a practical guide. While Elaine tends to promote ATD for long time use to achieve remission, Jake tends to lead all patients into radical treatment such as RAI and surgery.
Many clinical trials have pointed out that ATD has modest rate of remission rate for Graves. However, Jake tends to ignore the current medical finding in his book. Instead, he tends to use some out of dated information about remission rate with ATD, which might completely dismiss the hope for remission on ATD. This kind of bias might lead patient to choose radical treatment for Graves from very beginning. Though clinical studies have shown safety of RAI and surgery, non-invasive treatment should always be promoted first.

Personally, I would recommend neither Jake George's book nor Elain Moore's book to any of Graves patients thought Jake did a a bit better job than Elaine. Instead, I would suggest whoever had a diagnosis of Graves to search in Medline for more accurate information for treatment of Graves.

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