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I am a serious and dedicated bicyclist and distance runner who imparts intense training into his daily existence. After reading KEEPING THE ATHLETE HEALTHY, I found its information concise, easy to access, accurate and very helpful, especially for the serious athlete looking for more of a 360 view of how the body responds to vigorous exercise. The author's insights on nutrition and supplements were quite comprehensive and most helpful for me since he appears to be very firmly grounded in this area and is strongly committed to proven therapy and data.
Coach Nessel has put together a treasure trove of real science and practical advice for those wanting to increase their engaging in vigorous exercise to elevate their athletic condition in several sports. His extensive academic knowledge as a pharmacist, biochemist, and physiologist together with his several decades as a coach/trainer imparts wisdom in a balanced fashion. Whether you are looking to improve your race time, keep fit as you get older or just understand your body in a more complete way, this book has something for you. I was also impressed by his breadth of knowledge in both conventional science and in Natural vitamin and mineral supplementation."

J. Todd Wahrenberger MD MPH
Medical Director, Pittsburgh Mercy Family Health Center
Pittsburgh Mercy Health System
249 S. 9th St.

Keeping The Athlete Healthy is an encyclopedic work encompassing the author's expertise in both the medical and the physical. It is written in readable terms, containing everything you'd want to know or didn't know you needed to know about your life as a serious dedicated athlete or, as pertains to most of us, adding sports and vigorous activity as a balance to life. The author has "chops" as a championship coach, swimmer and researcher with the reader benefiting from all three.

Paul J. Kiell, M.D. Psychiatrist, marathon runner and swimmer and erstwhile editor of the American Medical Athletic Association Journal

Finally! A go-to manual for athletes of any age, ability level, injured or whole, written in a way I can only describe as incredibly "approachable", yet well documented and authoritative. 
As an author with a longstanding reputation for guiding elite swimmers to the Olympic dream, Coach Nessel certainly understands how to shape the powerhouse athlete, but in this publication, his sensitivity to those of us struggling with declining athletic abilities as we advance in age, has renewed my determination to maximize my health. Sensible supplemented eating strategies, pain and injury prevention and treatment, training to build strength and endurance, and emotional considerations in goal setting, has never been easier to understand and to implement, sans hiring your own Olympic trainer! 
Thank you Coach for finding just the right words to convince that 10% of my body (brain), to take control of the other 90% (body), while good, better, and best health is still within reach!

Cynthia E. Tilson, RN, BSN, CRNA

Keeping the Athlete Healthy brings to both the novice and seasoned competitor a step by step guide to preparation, training, and maintenance of the athlete. Coach Nessel's unique combination of scientific training in pharmacology, physiology, and biochemistry coupled with his vast experience in preparing world class athletes for competition has resulted in a book that is both comprehensive in scope and yet focused on the real world issues of training. The book guides the reader through a systems biology approach to the complex stress of exercise, the resulting adaptation, and the prevention of injury. This systems based approach integrates sound scientific principles with clear recommendations based upon Coach Nessel's experience as a teacher and coach. As with his previous excellent books, Keeping the Athlete Healthy is concise, well organized, well written, and grounded in an evidence based approach to exercise.

Distinguished Professor
Regents' Professor
University of New Mexico

"I experienced the amazing range of Coach Nessel's scientific training methods first hand when I asked him to prepare me for the 1500 meter (metric mile) open water swimming leg of the 2013 Pittsburgh Triathlon. I applied his suggested unique swimming stroke techniques, modified weight room routines, diet and supplement knowledge and training physiology over a period of just eight weeks to transform my natural power sprinting abilities into producing a successful distance swim. The Coach knows what it takes to train smart, allowing for increased performance yet preventing illness and injury. I know this comprehensive book will be referred to often to help keep me on the road to future successful training experiences as I age."

Brenda K. Freeman, MD, Consulting Psychiatrist and Medical Director of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Services, Pittsburgh Mercy Health System

Hang on to your swim cap, grab your note pad and a cup of Coach N's "Florida cocktail", and dive in for an enlightening read! "Keeping The Athlete Healthy" is a comprehensive and evidence-based discussion of all things athletic, yet much is applicable to everyday life. Though focused on the aging athlete, there is plenty of science to apply to improving the performance of younger athletes. Coach N (Ed), with four decades of coaching swimmers of all ability levels as well as a successful masters swimmer himself, skillfully blends that experience with hard science. His additional background as a pharmacist, biochemist, and physiologist enables him to expertly present and interpret the sea of life and performance enhancement information available in a practical and useable plan. This is a truly amazing and comprehensive manual, to be referred to often as one travels through life - athlete or not. You will want to have your own copy, as I promise you that the pages will be well-worn.

Rosanna Sikora, MD


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​Most of my study, research, and field work the past several decades, has revolved around how the body reacts and adapts to vigorous exercise, training, and intense competition. It would be wise for the quality coach, athlete, and parents of same to heed the fact that with almost certainty, every participant submersed in serious training for competitive sports success will endure some form of physical and/or emotional challenge and difficulty. I have never coached, or even known an athlete to achieve his, or her lofty goals without enduring some down time during their career. The list of sports medicine's potential for physical injuries, illnesses, or emotional barriers to overcome for success is a long one. This second volume of KEEPING THE ATHLETE HEALTHY, as in the first, shines a light on the problems the human body can expect to face if intense training is not handled in an appropriate way that best benefits the participant. As I have said so many times to my athletes, their parents, and to anyone who has asked my advice, “what good is a sick or injured athlete... NO GOOD.” Most are like thoroughbred horses: terrible patients, totally impatient to get back to training and face what sidelined them in the first place. That's why they shoot horses. Their intellect relative to the healing process and all that involves, is virtually non-existent. But if we can have educated personnel coaching, participating, guiding and caring for the willing and dedicated athlete to success while all actively participate in a holistic team effort to anticipate, prevent, or help cure as much as possible the causes of injury and/or illness relative to sports, then my job of sharing this vital knowledge will have been well done.



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