Philip McCormac lives in Leicestershire, England. When he first started writing he wrote short horror and New Age philosophy and is published in various small press magazines. He is a prolific western writer having 14 Black Horse Westerns published under P.McCormac and various pen names. No 15, GUN BARREL JUSTICE is due out summer 2015. In December 2010 his first crime novel MacLean was published by Robert Hale of London. His second crime novel TONE DEATH is now published by Endeavour Press.
List of Black Horse Westerns written by Philip:



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Philip McCormac is a western writer that has written a story in the old style of western dime store novels.

Brief excerpt:

"Beware the rattlesnake! You must be quicker than the viper, more cunning than the coyote, more cruel than the wolf. You must destroy the rattlesnake. You must be merciless in your vengeance."

Wyatt sensed the danger he was in and fumbled for his gun. It was not in his belt. For a moment he almost panicked. Slowly his mind began to clear and as the haze of illusion thinned, along came a determination to survive the encounter with this vile and dangerous creature.

"I am White Bear. I am strong. I am fearless. I am heartless in my actions. I am ruthless as death. The rattler will have cause to fear me."

He looked at the snake biting into the neck of his horse. The snake was wearing a gun belt. In slow motion he leaned over and reached for the gun. He was dangerously close to the snake but the creature ignored him and continued its horrible rattling. Stealthily his hand closed over the butt of the monster's gun. Still the snake did not turn its head. Slickly, the gun came free. He straightened up with the Colt in his hand, feeling mighty and powerful.

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Brother's Blood is a tale of the corruption of the people who are the guardians of our laws. But every so often there is someone who will stand against them. Marshal Joel McKeagh was just such a man. Bill Powell was an excellent lawman. Tough and uncompromising he relentlessly pursued lawbreakers and brought them to justice. Then temptation came his way in the form of Elaine Carlisle with her secret of the whereabouts of a wagonload of stolen gold. Powell thought himself above the law but he crossed the one man he should have killed or left well alone. Joel McKeagh became Powell's implacable enemy. When McKeagh went hunting Powell the trail could only end in bloodshed. It was to be a duel to the death and only one of them would be alive when the fighting ended.