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In the year 2342, interstellar travel has been established and most of the Milky Way Galaxy charted and colonized. Maxwell Wilkes is a young Native American man returning from a distant mining planet in the Eastern Rim, where he's been with his girlfriend Alexandra Parks. On the way home to Earth, their shuttle is attacked and the warp unit disrupted. The ship jumps into an unknown system within an unknown galaxy. The ship crash lands on a planet with no sign of civilization or technology and the crew find themselves in a medieval kingdom. The Kingdom of Densmere sees them as Strangers from the Stars but welcomes them. Though enjoying the fairytale world, the crew discovers they lack Fuel Cells to power the warp jump to make the trip home. They discover the answer may lie with a magic rock, whose shards are scattered and protected across Chandeera by a Dark Lord and his armies at war with Densmere. Max finds himself tasked with not only finding the rock but tipping the balance in this war that can save this world called Chandeera.