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Bureau of Land Management Enforcement Ranger Bailey Calhoun becomes embroiled in a mystery that even he does not believe is possible. Tracking a murder case on BLM lands, he finds an improbable link to a race of people thought to be just legends when he discovers the mummified head of what seems to be a pygmy Indian. 
Bailey is after thieves who are looting a tomb of the Nimerigar, known in Indian legends of the Arapaho, Sioux, Cheyenne and Crow as “the tiny people eaters.” 
He has to locate the tomb before the thieves can sell all the artifacts on the black market. Time is running out when twists and turns on the trail lead to unexpected loves and betrayals, and perhaps, even the death of Bailey.

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Steve Paul is a western, mystery writer that has written a story about wild horses being killed in reserves in the west. He is trying to protect the wild mustangs, while tring to find out who is wanting him off the case so bad they try to kill him and his wife. "Can Horses Cry" is western mystery that will keep you wanting to turn the pages.

Sage Words Publishing

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Brief excerpt:

Silverjack McDonald left Justiceburg, Texas to ride the wild trails one last time before settling down. It took him five years to find his way back home. When he finally rides back into Justiceburg, he discovers that the best brothel in the Texas panhandle has been torched. Some of the working girls were killed in the fire, but others were kidnapped by the unknown assailants' including Jack's only love.


ROUGH JUSTICE is a Western in the tradition of pulp writers such as A. Leslie Scott, Tom Curry, and J. Edward Leithead. It also has some violence reminiscent of the Picadilly Cowboy school of Western writers from the United Kingdom.

This is a story full of action and adventure, with an especially likeable heroine in the young Comanche woman Hawk Wing. The Texas Rangers also are a major part of the story, so the book should be a must addition to any Texas Ranger fiction fan's collection.

ROUGH JUSTICE has enough riding, shooting, and fighting to satisfy anyone who loves a good-old fashioned Western shoot-'em-up. My only would be there are a couple of scenes which might be a bit rough for those with slightly squeamish stomachs. Other than that, this is a highly recommended read.

We are activally looking for Western Fiction books.

We are currently looking for western fiction that is well written and will take our readers on a journey. We want a writer with a unique voice and character development that a reader can be drawn into and care about. If you have a bit of the old west running in your blood and it is asking to come out as a killer western book we want to see what you have. Westerns are our passion.

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Western writer Steve Paul has shown a new side to his stories. Providing tales for his first short story collection, he has broken out into different genres. His short stories go from macabre, to light humor. From a cat burglar attacked by a guard dog, to murder mysteries. Steve Paul, has provided a collection of stories that can be read no matter the time you have to spend perusing this tome.

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John Bronson used to be a gunfighter. Used to be until he became a prospector. Living in the wilderness searching for gold, he had time to think and exorcise the demons of his past. With a good strike, he headed off to his sister's ranch to stake a claim as a rancher with his sister, her husband, and son. Someone had another idea. One that did not include Bronson or his family. There was a group that wanted land and they didn't care how they got it or what they had to do to take it. Bronson arrives at his sister's ranch to find his sister and her husband had been hung, and his nephew kidnapped for ransom. The murders thought they were dealing with a bumpkin prospector in the kidnap deal. That was until Bonson's past came blasting through. His last gunfight. Or so he thought.