5.0 out of 5 stars  Lights, Cameras, Action...
By Susan Haughtonon March 23, 2015

There were so many things about this book I enjoyed; the Italian pastries, the food, and the movie references, all of which just helped with the character development, which was excellent. Then there was the mystery itself. The slow build up was intriguing and made it difficult to identify the killer; the mystery of Vince's past traumatic experience provided an additional element of interest. Once the clues started fitting together, the pace of the book really picked up and the race to stop the killer was on. I was intrigued by the ending and won't give anything away to future readers...  let's just say it ended with a resolution and something to think about... for a while.

5.0 out of 5 stars I thoroughly enjoyed this murder mystery
By LGon February 28, 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed this murder mystery. The main character, Vince, has such problems of his own, and yet he's compelled to help solve the mystery for his daughter's safety and that of the university community at large. The book is very cleverly written. I especially liked the connection to the Philadelphia area, to films, and to animals.

5.0 out of 5 stars This is a fun murder mystery
By Ms. Loves To Read  April 17, 2015

This is a fun murder mystery! As a movie buff and avid mystery reader, I loved the film trivia and puzzling clues. Vince, the quirky, amateur sleuth is an interesting character that I enjoyed getting to know. Of course, I had to run out and buy a white chocolate mocha! I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

5.0 out of 5 stars Movie Trivia and Animal Rights Activists play role in murder mystery.
By Cold Coffee Cafe   July 12, 2015

Nothing can go wrong in the close-knit community surrounding Philadelphia Sacred Covenant University in North Philadelphia, USA or can it?

Vince Singleton is retired, but works 3 days a week teaching in the English Department and his co-worker Gina Alimentare makes it bearable with her Italian American homemade cannoli, rum cake, or ricotta cheese cake just to name a few. Even though they have a good working relationship where humor is battered about, Vince just isn’t himself some days and gets under Gina’s skin “What’s the matter with you?” demanded Gina. “Is your crazy barometer reading high today? You know, Patterson asked me to make allowances for your weirdness, but, sometimes you can be annoying as hell.”

Well-developed characters surround Vince Singleton and his daughter Hope. Post-traumatic stress is just one complication Vince faces since the death of his wife Jewel. When his long time college buddy who encouraged and helped him land his teaching position is murdered even his ongoing therapy sessions with Dr. Michael Probst don’t stop the panic attacks.

Vince finds solace with his furry cat friend named Jellybean, as he is compelled as a film enthusiast to get involved in the murder mystery when the clues tie into movie trivia. The pressure is mounting to find this killer before next victim is found dead.

Do the animal rights activists play a role in this evolving mystery?

Cold Coffee Press endorses ‘Out Of The Picture’ by Augustus M. Cileone for the artful writing style that draws the reader into the murder mystery and keeps the reader guessing until the end. This book was given to us to review in a Kindle/PDF. The review was completed on July 12, 2015. For more information please visit Cold Coffee Press.

4.0 out of 5 stars This familiarity added to my enjoyment of this unique mystery
By Jean R. March 17, 2015

The setting was a pleasant surprise as it was set in my own area. This familiarity added to my enjoyment of this unique mystery. A delightful read!

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars
By Lynn Stapleson March 15, 2015

Thoroughly enjoyed this murder mystery. Loved the local flavor. Cleverly written who done it.

5.0 out of 5 stars Unique Murder Mystery
By Cindy S.August 2, 2015

As someone who has worked as a professor for many years, I can say the author has captured the academic environment of the book realistically. I rarely come across a mystery whose backdrop is academia, so this was a refreshing change from the usual, whatever the usual is. He is clearly an astutely literary and brainy person, and it shows most vividly through his characters, especially through the primary character, Vince Singleton, the literature teacher. He interweaves literature and film throughout the story line, which makes for an interesting and particularly intellectual murder mystery; something that to me is seldom seen in this genre.

5.0 out of 5 stars Mysteries and Old Movies: the Perfect Combination.
By Sandra Cody July 16, 2015

Out of The Picture is the perfect read for anyone who loves mysteries and old movies. A father and daughter who are recovering from the tragic loss of their wife/mother, a group of college students who study old movies, and a series of crimes with links to classic noir films - who could ask for more? Cileone keeps the suspense level high and introduces a cast of characters worthy of the genre they study. There are numerous references to films, some of which I recognized and some I didn't. They make this mystery unique - and a pleasure to read.

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars
By SB March 1, 2015

If you love mysteries and movies you will love this book!

Currently available from Amazon for $10.99

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​Vince Singleton’s life has improved since his knowledge of movies helped to catch the serial killer who killed his associates at a Philadelphia college. Even the PTSD symptoms caused by witnessing the allegedly accidental shooting death of his wife, Jewel, have lessened. He now has a girlfriend and is more socially involved, blogging on behalf of women fighting against sexual abuse. While his friend, Lt. Raymond Newman, works to discover whether Vince’s spouse was murdered, a new predator emerges who targets independent and sexually liberated women. This killer forces Vince to play a treacherous game of deciphering movie clues by threatening the women in his life. Vince, along with his daughter, Hope, and her film fanatic circle, must stop the murderer before another female joins the cast of victims.






Currently available from Amazon for $10.99 

Available from Kindle for $3.95 

Currently available from Barnes and Noble for $10.99

Available from Nook for $3.95


Vince Singleton, a writer, part-time English professor at Philadelphia Sacred Covenant University, and huge movie fan, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. He witnessed the accidental shooting of his wife by a policeman during a robbery. Vince, however, suspects that her death was intentional. Now, an old friend of his is found dead amid unusual clues. Vince helps the lieutenant working the case, despite his wariness of policemen. Faculty members associated with animal abuse are murdered and strange items are discovered near the bodies. Vince determines that the clues refer to movies, and, with the help of his daughter, his journalist brother, and a female professor, tries to find the killer before another person is taken ... out of the picture.

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